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  • Does my jewellery come in a box?
    Yes, each jewellery piece will come beautifully presented in an appropriately sized box by ‘The Corner Cupboard.’ We also have a selection of genuine antique ring boxes available at an additional cost. Please enquire via email if you would like to purchase an antique box to go with your piece of historic jewellery, and we can share the details for this process.
  • How do you value your items?
    We base our pricing on current market prices for similar items, but we will also consider the age of an item, its materials, and its uniqueness. Our pieces are tested, and their value assessed by a professional jeweller with over thirty years of experience in the industry. Many of these items showcase incredible craftsmanship from over one hundred years ago, and are truly priceless pieces of history.
  • Are your prices negotiable?
    No, we price our items relative to the current antique jewellery market.
  • How do you know the age of the items?
    We have many years of experience in handling and assessing antique and vintage jewellery, which has given us the ability to recognise the relationship between factors such as stone cut, construction techniques and materials used to certain eras. Some pieces are hallmarked and have been stamped with markings that allow us to date a piece to a specific place or date. Each piece, whether hallmarked or not, is assessed carefully by multiple industry professionals to best determine its age, and is compared with other items on the market, in museum collections and in jewellery reference books to ensure it is given the most accurate dating.
  • How do you select your items?
    Our jewellery items come from dealers across the United Kingdom, and have been carefully curated for their unique beauty, history, and romance. We believe in jewellery that tells a story and aim to find pieces from across some of the most beloved centuries. We love finding links between literature and these pieces, or to particular historical events. We will continue to expand our collection as time goes on, and aim to update the website as soon as we find new items. You can sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about new additions!
  • Why are only some pieces hallmarked?
    Hallmarking rules are different around the world and throughout time. Our listing will state if a piece is hallmarked or not, and explain the meaning of these markings if they are determinable. Hallmarks may be partly present, having been rubbed down from many years of wear. Many older pieces of jewellery, particularly those from before 1800, are entirely unmarked, and markings may also have been lost or damaged during historic repairs or resizing.
  • What is the condition of these jewellery items?
    We take great care in curating antique and vintage jewellery items that are in the best condition possible. However, these pieces can be expected to show some wear and tear, as many are over a century old, and have survived multiple previous ownerships. As pieces of history, none of them can be expected to look brand new. Many will present with age-related wear and minor imperfections, such as minor dents and scratches, small nicks to the stones, production flaws or quirks, and historical evidence of restoration work or resizing. We believe this adds to their charm and magic, with many being loved over multiple lifetimes, and some even surviving wars! Each item is carefully assessed by a professional jeweller to ensure the settings are secure and is painstakingly cleaned and polished by their gentle and experienced hand to ensure it is in the best condition possible before it is sent to you.
  • Do you edit your images?
    Light filters may be applied to images used on the ‘Instagram’ profile images. However, the high-quality white-background images and videos provided for each listing act as a condition report for your jewellery item, and have not been edited or enhanced beyond minor colour or lighting corrections. Photographed in a studio set up with bright lighting and a simple background, we have done our very best to depict each piece honestly. In the unlikely event that an item contains minor condition flaws, they will be detailed within the product listing. Please study the images and video carefully, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding the condition of an item before purchasing it, do not hesitate to reach out. We would be happy to provide additional images and videos. Please get in touch via email at:
  • How do I care for and clean my antique and vintage jewellery?
    Upon its arrival, your piece will have been professionally cleaned and polished by an experienced jeweller. These items should be taken care of gently; avoid submerging them in soap and water wherever possible. You may clean and polish your pieces gently with a soft cloth but avoid using any chemicals or polishers yourself. If in time you feel the item needs a ‘deep clean,’ we recommend taking it to a jeweller who has experience in dealing with antiques to ensure it is handled in an appropriate manner.
  • Can my ring be resized?
    We are proud to offer one free complimentary sizing for each ring purchase. Some of our rings can be resized, and each individual piece is assessed carefully for this ability. Some, due to the nature of their design, age, or fragility, are regretfully unable to be resized. The listing of each ring will state, in our professional opinion, whether a ring can be resized or not, and to how many sizes. If you decide to have your ring resized elsewhere or at a later date, we implore you to use a jeweller with experience in antique jewellery. The Corner Cupboard cannot be held responsible for loss of value or damage caused by third party jewellers. Returns cannot be made for items that have been resized, by our service or another.
  • Where are you based?
    We are based in the UK and currently operate online only, but we ship worldwide. Please see shipping details for further information.
  • Can you help me find something specific?
    Of course! We would be happy to help source something for you. Send us an email with your enquiry and we can discuss further options. Please get in touch via email at:
  • Where are the paintings on your website from?
    We are grateful to the National Gallery’s online collection of copyright free images for providing the beautiful selection of historical artwork that we have used to decorate our website. You can browse the full collection yourself here: