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Antique jewellery is not only a romantic choice but an ethical alternative for the environmentally conscious buyer. Now more than ever, our environmental footprint holds great significance. There are many ethical issues that face the modern jewellery industry, including poorly managed working conditions and mining practises that have led to environmental damage and political corruption. 


In choosing to purchase pre-loved antique and vintage jewellery, you avoid contributing to these issues, knowing that no new materials were extracted, or additional energy utilised in their creation. Beyond the benefits of sustainable jewellery, The Corner Cupboard aims to be as eco-friendly as possible and uses only recyclable materials in the structure and design of our gift packaging.


The acquisition of an antique piece does not contribute to the modern exploitation of our natural world. Our collection predates modern techniques for mass-produced jewellery and is a statement of ‘slow fashion.’ Your purchase is an heirloom, not a current trend to soon be cast aside. 


An investment in antique jewellery is a way to separate yourself from the fast fashion trends that consume our daily lives. Your items may be loved and last beyond your own lifetime, as they have done for lifetimes prior to your own.

We receive or gift jewellery in celebration, be it to a loved one or to ourselves to mark a significant event. Antique jewellery comes with the knowledge that your heirloom has been on its own significant journey, often passed through the hands of several generations. In owning an antique piece, you ensure the continuation of it’s story, with your own hand to pen its next chapter. 


Perhaps it was worn by a duchess or a duke, or gifted to a beloved for a grand wedding or engagement. Maybe it was loved, lost, and returned in one of the Great Wars. There is undeniable romance in this mystery, and in dreaming of the lives and love stories that your new heirloom holds from times gone by.


Antique jewellery is proof that quality stands the test of time. Forged with exquisite craftsmanship, often by hand, it’s no wonder many of these pieces date back centuries. Each individual piece is an investment; as time passes its rarity and historical significance grows, as there is ultimately only a finite supply of antique jewellery. This is why an antique piece often stays in the same family for many generations; tangible memories that can echo through history.