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Hello, Dear Visitor!

How pleased we are to see you here. Do come in.


Are you weary from your travels? Might you like to sit down? You'll find a comfortable green velvet chair just over there, in the corner next to the Victorian oil lamp. Feel free to peruse the selection of antique books that line the shelves – and the floor, and the desk. We have too many but can’t seem to part with any! The smell of old books and coffee and something more elegant– a bit of bergamot, fills this place. Lovely, isn’t it? Be sure to look inside the corner cupboard, too, made from the most beautiful walnut wood. It’s just over there, to the left. Inside you’ll find boxes filled with treasures; jewellery from across the eras, glittering with the romance and beauty of another time. Feel free to stay a while, try the collection on and explore the history.

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Our small family-led team is based in the picturesque Cotswolds in the United Kingdom. This curated collection of antique and vintage jewellery was launched out of a passion for history and romance that dates back three generations. 


With accumulative knowledge and experience, each piece of our collection is sourced and selected for its beauty, character and heritage. Great care goes into the research behind every one of our heirlooms; it is often incredibly exciting to determine the era of a piece of jewellery, and to imagine it’s place in the world before it reached us here at The Corner Cupboard. We endeavour to link the jewellery items on our site to historical literature or literary figures where possible. These unique correlations help to inspire their context and conjure aesthetics of the time from which they originate.  

In a world of consumerism and mass production, antiques and vintage items have taken on a new value. Many of the heirlooms at The Corner Cupboard were created by hand, in a time when the painstaking labour of craftsmanship was truly prized. We celebrate antique and vintage jewellery and it's rarity, seeking out treasures that are unique and distinctive, ensuring our collection is full of ‘one of a kind’ finds. In the age of environmental crisis, we also feel it is important to make responsible choices. Antiques offer a conscious choice for anyone who values beauty, and wishes to embrace luxury with less impact on the natural world. 


Heirloom /ˈɛːluːm/ - a treasured possession handed down from generation to generation.

You may hear us refer to each item of jewellery in this shop as an 'heirloom.' This is so much more than a collection of gemstones and precious metals; every piece carries a story of its own, having been carefully crafted, and then loved or gifted to loved ones for decades, even centuries before arriving at The Corner Cupboard. We want to keep these pieces alive, and for their stories to continue; and indeed, we want you to be the writer of their next chapter.

"Anyone may have diamonds: an heirloom is an ornament of quite a different kind."

~ Elizabeth Aston

Meet 'Philip the Pheasant,' the handsome bird featured as our logo. Pheasants are a quintessential feature of the British countryside, beloved for their charming, feathered finery. There is something undeniably gentlemanly about them, though they startle easily, and if spooked, will fly off in a flurry of feathers and raucous squawking!


We were inspired to paint a pheasant on the go – with a pocket watch, bow tie and bowler hat to boot. ‘Philip’ was born soon after, through various preliminary sketches and some experimentation with colour. He is a truly charming character with a mind of his own, and we couldn’t ask for a better helper.

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